Artist Statement

My art utilizes sacred geometry to create non-denominational meditative icons. This work is not religious in nature but focuses on spiritual growth and timeless cosmic questions. These are images of focus, contemplation, unity, balance and cyclical movement. The art and architecture of many ages and places have influenced by designs giving them a multi-cultural feel and presence. My path as an artist has been guided by my study of music, dance, mythology and quantum physics.

The real search for expression in my work is about our place in the cosmos. As I grow and attempt to understand my own individual role in the cosmic dance I seek to express that need for, and understanding of, the interconnectedness of all life as energy. My definition of life includes not only the plants and animals, but the stars, the earth and indeed every aspect of the universe.

My Jewelry for the Wall Sculpture is mostly made with wood which I choose for its workability and durability. I cut, carve and build up stock-mostly basswood and birch laminated wood. I also bend wood in the making of some of my newer forms. Creating a highly textured surface with a rich interplay of color on classic forms is the formal basis of my work. I create textures in both reductive and additive ways-that is some of my textures are produced by carving into the wood and much of it is produced by the addition of other materials (rope, twine, reeds, torn canvas, rice paper, metal leaf & found objects) to the shaped surface. I have recently added enamel on copper and experimenting with cast glass as additions to my pieces. The unconventional use of materials is key to my success.

I work in series, creating “families” of pieces, however each is a one-of-a-kind. All but my very smallest ones are individually titled and every piece is signed and dated.  Most of my work is art for the wall, but I occasionally make free-standing pieces.

BFA in Painting  Millikin University  1988

Dorothy Sellers Art Award  1987

Art Department Award:  Outstanding Senior

Recipient of 1991 SIA Grant

      JURIED EXHIBITIONS (partial list)

Old Town Art Fair,  Chicago,  IL  2003-8, 2015-18

St Louis Art Fair  Clayton,  MO  2004, 2018

Palm Beach Contemporary  West Palm Beach, FL 2017

Krasl Art Fair  St. Joseph, MI  2017

Ann Arbor Original  Ann Arbor, MI  2015-16

Armonk Outdoor Art Fair  Armonk, NY 2015,16

Coconut Grove Art Fair  Miami,  FL  1999 & 2001-2011, 2014,16

Charlotte Contemporary  Charlotte, NC  2015

Canton Museum National Art Show  Canton,  OH  2010-11

Naples National  Naples, FL  2000-1, 2016

Palm Beach Fine Craft  West Palm Beach, Fl  2013-14

Washington Fine Craft  Washington, DC  2013

Westchester Fine Craft  White Plains, NY 2012-13

American Craft Council  Baltimore, MD 1997, 2012,  2015  St. Paul,  MN  1997-8-9, 2013,15

                                                Atlanta 2017-18, Tampa, Charlotte  1997

Art & Air  Webster Grove,  MO  2013,15

Bethesda Fine Arts Festival Bethesda, MD  2013

Artigras  Palm Beach Gardens,  FL  2000 & 2013

Buffalo Grove Invitational  Buffalo Grove,  IL  2013  Outstanding Achievement Award  and

                                Purchase Award for City of Buffalo Grove Permanent Collection

Alexandria Festival of the Arts  Alexandria,  VA  2013

Riverwalk Art Fair  Naperville,  IL  2012-13, 2018

 Riverfest Art Fair  Memphis,  TN  2012-17  Best of Sculpture 2016

Port Clinton Art Fair  Highland Park, IL  1996-2007, 2013, 2018  Merit Award Sculpture 2013,  1st Place Award  3-DNF 1997    Merit Award Sculpture 1999

Bonita Springs National Art Festival   Bonita Springs  2001-2008, 2010-11, 2013 

Second Place  in Sculpture 2013

Art Expo New York  NY, NY  2011

Uptown Art Fair  Minneapolis,  Mn  1995-2000, 2005-7, 2018

Summerfair  Cincinnati, OH  1996, 1999-2001,2003, 2005-7, 2011

 2nd Place Sculpture 2006 & 2007, Honorable Mention 2005,   1999 & 2000 2nd Place

 Jewish Arts Fest of Dallas  Tx 2011

Des Moines Arts  Des Moines, IA  2016

Austin Festival of the Arts  Austin TX  2002, 2015                   

Cottonwood Art Festival  Richardson, TX  2001, 2013

Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival,  Winter Park, FL  2003, 2005-06

Art on the Square  Belleville,  IL  2003-05,07

 Plaza Art Fair  Kansas City,  MO  1999, 2004

Ann Arbor Spring National  Ann Arbor,  MI  2003-2004

State Street Area Art Fair  Ann Arbor, MI  2000-2004, 2012

Boston Mills Art Fair    Peninsula,  OH 1998 – 2000, 2002-2004, 2007, 2012

Laumeier Contemporary Art Fair  St. Louis,  MO  2001-2, 2004

Midwest Salute to the Masters  Fairview Heights,  IL  2012

Cherry Creek Arts Festival  Denver, CO  2001

Sausalito Arts Festival,  Sausalito,  CA  2001

Columbus Arts Festival  OH  2001 & 2002

Longs Park Fine Art & Craft Festival  Lancaster, PA  2002

Austin Festival of the Arts  Austin TX  2002, 2015                 

Scottsdale Museum Arts  Scottsdale,  AZ  2001

Naples National Art Fair  Naples, Fl  2000 & 2001

Peoria Fine Art Fair  Peoria,  IL   2002 & 2006, 2012  2nd Place 3-D 2002

Magic City Art Fair  Birmingham,  AL 2001 Award of Merit & Collectors Purchase Award

Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival   TX  2001

ArtiGras  Palm Beach Gardens,  Fl  2000, 2013

Gasparilla Festival of the Arts   Tampa,  FL  1999 & 2000

Paradise City Art Fair  Northampton,  MA  1999

CWE Art Fair   St Louis, MO   Award Winner 1998

New Eastside Art Works   Chicago,  IL  1997                             

Art on the Square   Madison,  WI  1998

Shaw Art Fair   St. Louis,  MO  1996,1997,2002

Philadelphia Furniture Show   PA  1996

Under the Oaks  Vero Beach,  FL  1995 & 96      Judges Selection 1995 

Affaire in the Gardens  Beverly Hills,  CA  Spring & Fall  1995     2nd Place Award

Lakefront Festival of the Arts   Milaukee Art Museum,  WI  1995

Artists of Southern Illinois   Herrin, IL   Best of Fine Craft 1995  Merit Award 1994

Pink Palace   Memphis,  TN  1995   Best of Fine Wood

Central South Art Exhibition  Nashville, TN  1994

Art Experience  Gallery 100  Cape Girardeu,  MO  1992

Fifteenth Biennial Michiana Show  South Bend, IN  1988   Painting Award

22nd Annual Drawing & Sculpture Show  Del Mar College, TX  1988

                Del Mar College Permanent Collection Purchase Award & Kenneth and Dorothy Holmes Purchase Award

Illinois State Fair Professional Exhibition  1987-1988

The Artist’s Magazine  Floral Competition  Semi-Finalist  1986

                        INVITATIONAL  (Partial List)

Inspired by Architecture Group Show  Rendlake Marketplace,  Whittington, IL  2013

Ancient Echoes  2- Person Show  The Gallery Space  Murphysboro,  IL 2007

Center of Contemporary Art    “Clockworks”    St. Louis,  MO  1998 

del Mano Gallery  “It’s About Time”  Pasadena,  CA  1997

L. Freud Gallery “Time is Relative”  Birmingham,  AL  1997 

Showcase Artist  Illinois Artisans Shop  Chicago, Il  March 1995

“One of A Kind”  Artworks Gallery  Peoria,  IL  1994

Solo Show  “The Women in My Life”    John A Logan College  Carterville, Il  1991

Solo Show  “Recent Work”  Rend Lake College Learning Resource Center 1992

 “Furniture As an Art Form”  Associated Artists Gallery  Carbondale,  IL  1990

Fine Arts Competitive Exhibit  (F.A.C.E.) Carbondale,  IL  1990

“Unspoken Voices”  3-woman show  300 Gallery,  Bloomington,  IL  1989

Marymount College  Salinas,  Kansas  Group Invitational  1988

                 PUBLICATIONS  (Partial List)

Art & Beyond  Summer 2014

Gulf Coast South News  FL  Wed January 9, 2008

The Southern Illinoisan  December 18, 2001

Heartland News  Carbondale, IL  October 2007

The News-Press  Naples, FL  Jan 12, 2007

Belleville News Democrat  May 15, 2004

 Nashville Banner   June 10, 1997

Tampa Bay Times  December 6, 1997

The World of Wood  “In Honor of the Tree”  August 1995

The Living Museum  IL State Museum  Vol 57  #3  Fall 1995

Chicago Tribune  Sunday  April  2, 1995

The Milaukee Journal Sunday August 27, 1989

New Art Examiner    October 1988

                   CORPORATE COLLECTIONS

PERIODONTICS, LTD                                                                      Sunset Hills,  MO

JOHN DEERE COLLECTION                                                          Madison, WI

THE BOEING COMPANY                                                                St. Louis, MO    Leadership Center–4 pieces

GENERAL ELECTRIC–SCHLEIFRING                                      Elgin, IL

STRYKER                                                                                            Kalamazoo,  MI     Corporate Headquarters

BERKOWITZ LEFKOVITS ISOM & KUSHNER                        Birmingham,  AL     Law Firm

CAP GEMINI ERNST & YOUNG                                                    Clayton,  MO   2 pieces

GENERAL TIRE CORPORATION                                 Mt Vernon, IL      Technology Center

SIGNET                                                                                                 Memphis,  TN             Corporate Headquarters            

HEWITT                                                                                               Chicago,  IL          Corporate Headquarters

METRIS COMPANIES                                                                      Minn,  MN       Corporate Headquarters

DEL MAR COLLEGE                                                                        Corpus Christi, TX   Permanent Collection

EISCHEN FINANCIAL GROUP                                                      Columbus, OH    

BRONZE CONSTRUCTION                                                            Memphis,  TN     

KENT KEHR & ASSOCIATES                                                        St. Louis,  MO   Law Firm

MOONFISH                                                                                         Orlando, FL     

NEIL LOCKE & ASSOCIATES                                                       Itasca, IL   Hotel Procurement

BARCELONA APARTMENTS                                                        Skokie,  IL 

OLD NATIONAL BANK                                                                   Belleville,  IL

NOVAR                                                                                                 Akron,  OH

GREENLEAF TRUST                                                                        Kalamazoo,  MI

JOST CHEMICAL                                                                              St. Louis,  MO

THOMPSON & SCHREIBER, PA                                                   Fort Meyers,  FL

CITY OF BUFFALO GROVE                                                           Buffalo Grove,  IL

ULRICH VETERINARY CLINIC                                                   Dongola,  IL




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