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  1. Many years ago my bride and I were enjoying our annual trip to Art on the Square in Madison, WI and we came upon your booth and we were awestruck by the beautiful carvings. Mona was extremely excited about a jewelry chest that seemed to be emerging from a treelike form. I believe it was priced at $3600. Being new homeowners I couldn’t convince myself that we couldn’t afford it. I have been reminded many times over the years about that piece. Is there any chance you have pieces in that style or would you consider creating another one similar to it? I am serious in my query. Thank you in advance,
    Tom Matthews.


    1. Tom, wow that is going way back! My husband, Robin L Washburn and I made this when we first started collaborating. We have only one left, actually I think it is one of the two best we made. It sits on my desk in my writing room. I’ll have to look up the photos of it, or take new ones. Do you still live in the Madison area. Robin is doing the Madison show this coming weekend.


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