Making art is what I do to cope with life… to maintain balance. Drawing and painting have been my most constant choices, but I’ve also spent years creating figurative sculpture in clay and mixed media sculpture.  Turning once again to the easel I’ve discovered a new voice. While the vast majority of my work over the decades has been figurative or landscape work, now I’m delving into abstraction. This first series explores movement, both physical and psychological.  It is truly a transformation of my thought process of creating.  Time and heavenly bodies are cyclic in nature, moving in orbital patterns. It is even written in the spiral of our DNA. Working on paper and canvas, strokes are created using the arm, not the wrist. I layer the marks, building up the surface to create depth within the movement. It’s a very satisfying mode of expression and allows me the freedom I’m seeking.

Wound Up

Oil & Acrylic on Wood Panel 12″ Sq. 2021 $350

All full of energy and bursting to move forward. My move into abstraction has been really exciting. It’s giving me the freedom to express emotions in color and line. Follow me to see where I go with it.

Sun Melt

Oil on Linen 48″H x 24″W 2021 $1500

Rolling Along

Oil on canvas 28″H x 30″W 2021 $850

Come Fly With Me

Oil on canvas 48″H x 36″ w 2021 $2200 My obsession with birds continues. In this canvas the two birds are seemingly passing through a division of space/time. I wanted to get more abstract with this painting and so dropped the elements of landscape, focusing instead on their movement.

Soul Singer

Oil on canvas on cradled board 48″D 2021 $2800 Often I don’t understand the meaning of a drawing or painting until I’m finished, sometimes a long time later. This is because I work intuitively, without detailed planning beforehand. The past four decades I’ve often included birds in my work, both 2-D and sculpture because I’m drawn to them as representatives of freedom through flight. Escape has been a recurring theme in my life. I began this painting with the idea of portraying two birds sitting on a branch, without any other intention and let it grow from there. After finishing, I considered many titles, from Flight to Infinity and finally the painting told me its name. I used the small branches to connect the elements, like threads that bind things together symbolic of the interconnectedness of everything our our Planet Earth.

Spirit of the Woods

Oil on canvas, 42″ x 27″ 2021 $1200 When I was a child I had a horse named Spirit. We would fly over the landscape as I clung bareback to the large and powerful black gelding. I miss him still, but sometimes I can see the branches of the trees form horse-like shapes in the woods where I work and live. I hope you enjoy my effort to bring his memory to life. This painting is currently on view in the juried, virtual exhibit by Art St. Louis. Follow this link to see the entire exhibit. “Dreamlife” | Exhibbit

Wondering the final painting of 2020!

Oil on linen, 36″H x 48″W. 2020 $2500

As we sit and ponder the the past, our thoughts float freely here and there. Wondering, from my Dreamscapes series, captures that sense of fleeting memories, sometimes more vivid than reality and yet always morphing into something else. Perhaps we should be wondering more about nature instead of ourselves.

Climate Change 101

36″ x 60″ Acrylic & Oil on canvas 2020 $3800

This painting refers to the wildfires raging around the globe, destroying forests that store carbon thereby protecting our environment. The burning books in the foreground reference a product of lumber, as well as our need to learn how to prevent catastrophic climate change.

The Land of Hidden Dreams

30″H x 40″W Acrylic and Oil on Canvas 2020 $1200 A Dreamscape of the pop of flowers and flowing water that defies gravity. The figure in repose appears to be part of the solid earth.

The Breath of Life

40″H x 30″W Oil & Acrylic, pencil and Charcoal on linen 2020 $1200 Mother Nature breathes life into being.

Birth of the Cosmos

Oil and acrylic on Linen 48″H x 36″W $3500 2012-2020 Before time, the creative source exploded energy and the minerals and gases formed the Universe. This painting was done quite spontaneously in 2012, put aside and then in 2020 I revisited it and altered the right side of it which had originally exploded off the side of the canvas. The new composition is much more satisfying. In studying it I began to see all sorts of figures in the brushwork that had not been intentional. It is very intriguing.

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