Making art is what I do to cope with life… to maintain balance. Drawing and painting have been my most constant choices, but I’ve also spent years creating figurative sculpture in clay and mixed media sculpture.  Turning once again to the easel I’ve discovered a new voice. While the vast majority of my work over the decades has been figurative or landscape work, now I’m delving into abstraction. This first series explores movement, both physical and psychological.  It is truly a transformation of my thought process of creating. 

Working on paper and canvas, strokes are created using the arm, not the wrist. I layer the marks, building up the surface to create depth within the movement. My effort is to express energy, rhythm, and mystery. It’s a very satisfying mode of expression and allows me the freedom I’m seeking at this time. For inquiry email me with the name of the piece. I can answer your questions or send an invoice for purchase through a secure server.

Cosmic Odyssey

I’ve had a fascination for decades with the Universe, astrophysics, time-space concepts, energy flows and our place in this wondrous creation. My work returns again and again to this subject matter. Here’s my latest image of the power of the Cosmos. Oil on canvas, 41″ H x 34″ W, $2500 2022

Red Notes”

Luscious color and texture radiate from this dance around the cosmos! She’s oil on canvas, 40″H x 28″W. $1800 2022-2023

Journey of the Mind

Oil & acrylic on wood panels, each 30″ x 30″. $2800 for dyptich. Acrylic & oil on wood panels, each is 30″ square. This is the culmination of a year of experimental drawing and painting. I love the results because it combines my 45 year interest in cosmology, astrophysics, the Gaia theory, movement, color and texture. A celebration is in order! 2022

The Hot Radiance of Time

Oil on Canvas Painting 2022, 30″H x 40″W, gallery wrapped. $2500 Time is what you think it is. This oil on canvas is titled “The Hot Radiance of Time…” Some of my thoughts while working on it: We quest more time, always held in that state of anticipation instead of being in the present and utilizing our time well. I’ve expressed time here as a flowing, spiraling line from which explodes hot, glowing energy. Inspiration was the surface of our own Sun. It does glow with the radiance of a precious jewel. Also, she’s a message from Mother Earth. Time is running out for us to reverse the damage to the environment humans have caused burning fossil fuels. What are we going to demand? look away from? embrace? And endure? As the artist that created this painting, I am merely a humble messenger. The GAIA Theory tells us that the entire Earth is a single living organism, and all life is interdependent. Mother Earth tells us to look to the science for answers and for the tragedies that will beset the entire planet and challenge the ability of the human race to survive if we don’t accept change now.

Bursting With Life from the Storyline Series

Oil & Acrylic on Wooden Panel 12″ Sq. 2021 NA

The Color Me Red Storyline Series is coming to you from Wolf Creek Studio in beautiful Southern Illinois with its forests, streams, lakes and rich veins of coal. This series is an extension of the Charcoal Storyline but this time in color with acrylic and oil on wooden panels. These small paintings exhibit the same level of rhythm, movement and energy, reminiscent of my childhood spent at the piano and in the ballet studio. At the same time they have a richness of color and the repetitive fractal patterns of nature. Today’s chapter is titled Bursting with Life. Life entails the cycles of birth, growth and death. This painting can hardly contain the energy involved with these cycles.

Poppies from the Storyline Series

Acrylic & Oil on board 12″ x 12″ 2021 $350

The second chapter of the Color Me Red Storyline Series is a dreamlike image that I titled Poppies. The round orbs dance and melt over the surface with rich color playing back and forth between foreground and background. The movement in this oil and acrylic painting has slowed, allowing the color to saturate the mind.

Wound Up from the Storyline Series

Oil & Acrylic on Wood Panel 12″ Sq. 2021 $350

The third chapter in the Color Me Red Storyline Series is a small painting that I titled Wound Up.  This was the seminal piece for all of the drawings and paintings in the Storyline Series.  This piece is bursting with energy and it marks my move into abstraction. Wound Up is inspired by the power of the cosmos to generate life.  The title also refers to my excitement and anticipation I feel as I move forward and discover.  It is a celebration of life! My move into abstraction has been really exciting. It’s giving me the freedom to express emotions in color and line. Follow me to see where I go with it.

Sun Melt from the Storyline Series

Oil on Linen 48″H x 24″W 2021 $1500

This image has really grown on me, as I see more hidden in the color: figures melting away, poppies growing towards the sun, movement in and out of the dark. This painting pairs well with the smaller paintings Poppies and Wound Up.

Rolling Along from the Storyline Series

Oil on canvas 28″H x 38″W 2021 $950

This painting is joyful, exhilarating, full of energy, something to brighten a space and uplift. I like the unfettered movement across the canvas, playing with the colors.

Into the Deep

This painting has been juried into the online exhibition “True Blue” on the Art-Fluent website. The creative directive wrote: “Into the Deep is such a standout, we absolutely love it!” It’s a luscious blue, a swimming delight! Oil and acrylic on cradled wood 36″ x 36″ 2021 $1800


Oil, acrylic, charcoal, pumice on floating board 30″ x 30″ $1200 2021 Conflict comes from opposition and it has a strong association to the color red, as red is the color of blood, birth and death. Here, a subtle heart shape is speared.

Birth of the Cosmos

Oil and acrylic on Linen 48″H x 36″W $3500 2012-2020 Before time, the creative source exploded energy and the minerals and gases formed the Universe. This painting was done quite spontaneously in 2012, put aside and then in 2020 I revisited it and altered the right side of it which had originally exploded off the side of the canvas. The new composition is much more satisfying. In studying it I began to see all sorts of figures in the brushwork that had not been intentional. It is very intriguing.

Climate Change 101

36″ x 60″ Acrylic & Oil on canvas 2020 $3800

This painting refers to the wildfires raging around the globe, destroying forests that store carbon thereby protecting our environment. The burning books in the foreground reference a product of lumber, as well as our need to learn how to prevent catastrophic climate change.

The Breath of Life

40″H x 30″W Oil & Acrylic, pencil and Charcoal on linen 2020 $1200 Mother Nature breathes life into being. This painting is an expression of my concern for the environment. The image of this painting is published in the October issue of Beyond Words Literary Magazine!

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