News of Matusiak’s Art

My painting, “The Hot Radiance of Time” was juried into the 2023 Maturity and It’s Muse in the Art St. Louis Gallery, however I was unable to deliver it to the gallery due to an unfortunate occurence. I am very disappointed, especially because the show was juried by a prominent St. Louis gallery owner, Carolyn Miles and also by Lynn Friedman Hamilton, the director and founder of Maturity and Its Muse, an organization that celebrates aging.

My Painting, “Conflict” has been juried into the exhibit “All the Feels”. The show opens July 30 and runs through September 8th, 2022, with a public reception Saturday August 6th. The exhibit contains art from 59 regional artists.

My painting, Into the Deep has been juried into the online exhibition “True Blue” on the Art-Fluent website. The creative directive wrote: “Into the Deep is such a standout, we absolutely love it!”

My charcoal drawing, Cyclic has been chosen to be published in the February 2022 issue of Beyond Words Literary Magazine.

November 6,2021 I will be releasing a new series of small, affordable paintings and drawings after November 29th. If you wish to be on my VIP list to receive my pre-public release announcement please email me at Here’s a sneak preview

May 2021 My painting “Spirit of the Woods” is now exhibited in a juried virtual show through July 1. The exhibit is titled Dreamlife and is sponsored by Art St. Louis. The virtual exhibit can be viewed here “Dreamlife” | Exhibbit

August 8, 2021 My painting “Breath of Life” has just been accepted to be featured in the October issue of Beyond Words Literary Magazine

April 2021 My painting “Breath of Life” is now on exhibit in the juried show, Maturity and It’s Muse in the Art St. Louis Gallery, 1223 Pine Street St. Louis, MO 314-241-4810 thru May 20. Read the gallery director’s interview of me here

December 2020 I’m working away on the Dreamscapes Series and will have new paintings to reveal soon. In the meantime check out my latest drawing, The World Is Watching. Yes, it’s edgy and a bit of a surprise to me, but I loved working on it. It took 6 weeks to complete. You can see it under the Drawings tab.

Summer, 2020  I’ve now turned my attention to painting again and this time I am returning to landscape with the intention of awakening the viewer to the magic of the environment. Dreamscapes is the title of this newest series and it often will have a figure inserted into the landscape, along with symbols illuminating our relationship with the environment.   Climate Change 101 calls into question our response to the most imperative topic of our time, namely how are we going to address this issue.  The yellow orange sky hangs heavily over the foreground of burning books, representing the science that is ignored by the very people, in and out of government, that have the power to make real changes that could save the planet from disaster. Made of paper from trees, the books also represent the forests that are burning worldwide at an ever increasing rate each year around the globe, a direct result of our impact on the environment.

I have started a new series of paintings that I’m calling Dreamscapes. Contained within the acrylic and oil creations are figures and symbols that flow from the subconscious in the state of dreaming.  Vivid color is juxtaposed with black and white linear forms, figures come and go, the ordinary is transformed, the impossible realized.  The unknown comes to us in our sleep and my brush and fingers along with paint and carbon work to make it visible.  The first two are posted on the website. I am starting a new group of small works in this series, 12″ x 12″. Stay tuned to see the results.

During 2020, the Year of Vision, Robin and I are making big changes. As many of you know, we don’t collaborate anymore, except for an occasional commission, and Robin has a new web-site Please take a look at his new site with a cart for purchasing with credit cards through a secure server. New work is being added periodically.